today's change management won't work in our ai future


Business implementation and management of change needs to be updated for an age of Artificial Intelligence. The AI market will grow from $200 billion today to $3.1 trillion by 2025. The current approach to transformational change was designed for a time of  stable business models, static processes and jobs for life. There are 3 key challenges that need addressing:

fixed description of the future

Today's Change Management works with a static definition of the future, dictated from designers to the impacted, focusing on the cascade of communications. The age of AI needs stakeholder representation to prevent the biases and prejudices of today being amplified and designed into the automation systems of tomorrow.


data drives behavioural tools

Today's Change Management uses behavioural and cognitive approaches to persuade impacted staff to make a change. The age of AI introduces expert systems that provide a diagnosis of stakeholder adherence, often with little opportunity for appeal, raising ethical concerns when partnered with Change Management's psychological tools.


20th century view of impact

Today's Change Management still struggles to provide positive outcomes for those affected by the business model of the new millenium. The impact of AI will be of a different scale, in breadth and depth of impact to those with qualified careers, requiring a solution focused on positive outcomes for all, not only on achieving the business case.


shared intelligence: change management for automation

Change and Transformation Management is about the people. But in our age of automation that needs to be more than communications or training. It's about delivering a fair, equitable and positive outcome in an honest, transparent and respectful manner. It's delivering positive results for the business and the people.

Shared Intelligence delivers Change and Transformation Management for AI, using industry leading interventions to involve the workforce in designing and advantaging from a positive AI future.



interventions to address AI impact

As the leader in AI business implementation, Shared Intelligence provides Change Management tailored to address the unique challenges of transformations involving automation and artificial intelligence.

In addition to engaging and leading the workforce through a customised change plan , I deploy a set of focused interventions to tackle the key concerns and impacts of AI driven transformation.

While you focus on your enterprise goals, I ensure the technical project reaches full business implementation.


inclusive technology

Promoting practices to include all social, cultural and organisation groups in the creation and implementation of technical and business solutions

ethical change

Openness, transparency and fairness in the use of Change Management tools alongside Machine Learning and AI capabilities

positive outcomes

Delivering alternative paths for affected members of the work-force to make the transformation a win-win

Matthew Newman

Matthew is an accredited Change Manager and Transformation Consultant, specialising in delivering strategic outcomes in multi-sourced IT service environments. Matthew advises and interfaces to CIO level on harnessing disruptive ICT and realising global transformations.

Matthew's unique background of business change, process engineering and AI/deep learning provides an authoritative voice on the people impact of the next wave of IT automation. He has 20 years’ experience leading business engagement for major change programmes; delivering outstanding results in financial services, health-tech, insurance, oil & gas, public sector, media and FMCG.




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