Peter Senge

People don't resist change. They resist being changed.

Helping you find the path

Change is accelerating. Now more than ever it's vital that the aspirational goals of digital, AI and automation don't leave the workforce fractured, demoralised or demotivated.

I provide scaled engagements to match the pace of your IT strategy with workforce and organisational engagement. This can range from providing advisory on immediate steps to prevent negative impact on your workforce, through to developing a people change strategy to move your team in tandem with an AI transformation.

For all scales of engagement, I select change management best practice to create a bespoke approach matched to the DNA of your organisation. Interventions are practical, clear and outcome-focused.

Complementing your confidence in technical delivery with a plan of realistic and workable steps  to ensure the ongoing value of your organisation, I protect the positive culture of an organisation, whilst delivering real business outcomes. Whatever the current stage of your strategy or transformation, I can help to ensure that no-one gets left behind.

Offering the level of support you need...

Leadership Advisory

Coaching and assisting key members of your team on change approach and leadership


Supplementing gaps in capabilities to address people and cultural impact of your project or programme.


End-to-end ownership and delivery of the people change for your automation strategy through to benefits realisation.

...delivered by an industry leader with 20 years' experience delivering ground-breaking transformation.

Matthew Newman

Matthew is an accredited Change Manager and Transformation Consultant, specialising in delivering strategic outcomes in multi-sourced IT service environments. Matthew advises and interfaces to CIO level on harnessing disruptive ICT and realising global transformations.

Matthew's unique background of business change, process engineering and AI/deep learning provides an authoritative voice on the people impact of the next wave of IT automation. He has 20 years’ experience leading business engagement for major change programmes; delivering outstanding results in financial services, health-tech, insurance, oil & gas, public sector, media and FMCG.



How can I help?

NewManagement Consulting offers a suite of capabilities centred on realising strategic change within your organisation. Proudly avoiding "land and expand" tactics common to Big 4 consultancies , I lead or supplement the talent already available in your team. Your organisation trusts the delivery, and retains a feeling of ownership.

Change Management Consultancy

Without the ability to reliably and predictably transform your organisation, the opportunities offered by the Digital Enterprise are left untapped. Project management too often underestimates the impact on people and the power of culture, leading to unrealised benefits, a disillusioned workforce and a frustrated IT team.

bridge the gaps. I recognise the opportunity, but understand the concerns, motivations and culture of the workforce. I supplement the project delivery talent in your organisation with the required interventions that turn an unused capability into a core capability.

Leadership Advisory

Good leadership is the difference between a positive workforce embracing the innovation, and an angry team that won’t move. Discarding the simplistic fixes of self-help books and LinkedIn posts, I can help you identify the right skills to practice, and find an honest approach that uses your strengths.

I guide on communicating, understanding your followers’ drivers for motivation, resolving conflict and building the right network for success.

Transformation Delivery

The delivery of complete transformational programmes of work is about more than project plans and risk registers. I understand that transformation is about marrying the goals of the project to the realities of the enterprise.

I dedicate time and effort to engaging and managing the political environment surrounding the change; developing and sustaining the critical mass of support; engaging stakeholders for action, not recognition.

Enterprise Change Strategy

Establishing a business readiness capability every time you deliver a project is time consuming, squanders valuable lessons from previous engagements and loses the momentum of a change engaged team.

I can establish a permanent change capability within your organisation, tailored to the unique DNA of your team. As well as delivering a framework and standards, I identify where your company culture inhibits change readiness and deliver interventions to realise an Agile Organisation, making the next changes ones your workforce embraces.

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